design icons, an ode to the broom

mixed media
150 x 100 cm

The broom was made and shaped by many generations of people around the world. But its archetypal form always stayed the same. It is a unique piece of design, created by humanity. And while it is an ordinary everyday object, it holds spiritual reference to the mystic and the sacret in cultures of all continents.
design icons, an ode to the broom places the age-old broom as a design icon on the wall. It is a universal symbol for simplicity, craft, tactility, spirituality and our shared human experience.  

        series of textile collages
        including removable broom

        from the series:
        design icons, an ode to the broom

        mixed media, textile
        150 x 60 cm

Ode to the spoon, 2023
30 x 25 cm, textile collage 


      Woman, 2021
      25 x 20 cm, mixed media collage


    Broom tapestry miniatures





Miniature #16 Marteau et Bloc, 2023
24 x 19 cm, textile collage

         Laced head sculpture, 2022
         50 x 40 cm, textile collage 





  Design Icons, an ode to the broom     
  Booklet, 2021

          series of textile miniature interiors
          from the series:
          design icons, an ode to the broom

          textile, bookcloth
          24 x 19 cm

  #1 petit intérieur rose (sold)

          #6 petite chambre blue

            #10 tapisserie avec un petit balai (sold)

         #4 petit intérieur d’été (sold)

                 # 14 petit intérieur japonais

     #13 Khardiv Region State Administration -
                                     destroyed interior (sold)

               #15 petit atelier de Han (sold)


    #2 objet de collection (sold)

           #8 intérieur tableau rose

             #5 la petite vaisselle (sold)


                  #11 collage d’or


                      # 12 la petit fenêtre rose

                #9 palais d’argent (sold)

               #3 petit intérieur automne (sold)

                 #16 collage or mariée

                                                     illustration & collage









                                           Trend- and inspiration books:
                                           themed, color and material,
                                           inspiration, dessin





Trendbook: new freedom in ecstacy

Trendbook: decomposing

 In the mood for love
 Inspiration book            


Magisch realisme

Black-and-white cult

                                          Material styling

Baars & Bloemhoff - Reduction to form and color

Baars & Bloemhoff - Neoplasticism


Baars & Bloemhoff - Pink Pointilism

Baars & Bloemhoff - Mondriaan Squares

        Rothko’s color blocks

Moodboard human tools

Baars & Bloemhoff - Malevich’ shapes

Baars & Bloemhoff - Candy Cubism



 Baars & Bloemhoff - De Stijl drawing table

Baars & Bloemhoff - Kandinsky’s desk

          Mondriaan in marble

Moodboard soft egg shapes                             

© Marthe Koetsier